May of Monuments 2007


It will begin 4 next May the thirteenth edition of the May of Monuments 2007. Shows, extensions, initiatives, that they will transform the city in an immense museum to open sky.

In the May of Monuments, Naples offers a lot programming of events: accomplice the climate, the extraordinary landscapes and the exterminated artistic and museale patrimony, Naples becomes the understood one them of the culture and the show.

This year the topic "the mysteries of Naples" will tell the legends, the myths, the mysterious one that, from its foundation, accompany our city. Start from Castel of the Ovo, here in a Lance release and Erin, with a review of literature and cinema that has for topic the thriller and the mistery to Naples.
The other events are programmed for l'11,12 and 13 May to Catel Nuovo, the 19 and 20 May in the historical center of the city, with some manifestations that will be carried out in the roads and the public squares of Naples, and above all the 26 and 27 May to Castel Sant'Elmo, when it can be assisted to the extension-event of Bria Eno, "77 Million Paintings".



The program


  • 3, 4 e 5 may, to the Castel of the Ovo and the Pompeiana Cottage, the given topic “the noir, the horror, thriller and the mistery in the literature and the cinematography to comparison with the history of Naplesâ€?, the mysteries of the capoluogo will come interpreted from the manifestation “the egg of Naples - partenopeoâ€?;
  • 11, 12 e 13 may to the Castel Nuovo, for “Rappresentazioni of legends, myths and mysterious legacies to the history of the cityâ€?, the review will be carried out “Masks, Mysteries and Musicâ€?;
  • 19 e 20 may to the historical center, near greater monuments and in the parks, for “the magic of the road limbsâ€?, the manifestation “Parks, Public squares Alleys and Mysteriesâ€? will make to invade Naples from two hundred between musicians, mimi  and jugglers;
  • 26 e 27 may, on longsea from Bagnoli to Vigliena, “Alchemies of sounds and colorsâ€?. “77 Million Paintings for Naplesâ€?, a fascinating devised multimedial plan from the genius of Brian Eno.