Who offers these services?   


Campiflegreipark.it exposes the services offers by the operating tourist of the flegrea area, collecting the offered ones of services and proposing the best ones based on criteria than quality/price:

All the services prenotables on Campiflegreipark.it have rates negotiated directly from Campiflegreipark.it, this concur to always offer the top quality to the better price on the market.


Hotels, B&B and apartments are prenotables through one demanded of information forwarded to Campiflegreipark.it and after reservation directly to the structure chosen with credit transfer; the prices are the fruit of the dealing between the manager of the structure and Campiflegreipark.it, or are offered special proposals from the manager.

You can create your tourist package putting together the services proposals from Campiflegreipark.it and stopping also one only of the chosen services, and the others subsequently to your arrival.

The services of transfer with driver and chartering bus are managed from Campiflegreiprk.it through local correspondents specialize.

The service Guide in archeological, historical and naturalistic area is supplied from professional and credited staff of the Campania region.