The accomodation offer in the Phlegrean Fields is rich and differentiated, the structures extends from Posillipo until Pozzuoli, Bay, Bacoli, Cuma, Monte di Procida, Quarto, Licola, Torregaveta. It's possible to choose typical apartments, Bed and Breakfast, Hotels, housefarm; spacing from the sea, to the hill, the lakes, the ancient therma baths. Or to choose of living one city with its typical and evocative so much local  that can give you a magical atmosphere.The selection of the structures is treated directly from Campi Flegrei Park, for this, we could offer you some suggestions about the choice of your accomodation. Reserving with us, you will obtain also the better price available on the market and the assistence before and during your permanence.


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The Stufe of Nerone SPA, is dedicated to the goddess of the fecundity Rea Silvia since II d.C conserves still today the palm of better place in order to find again that well-being psycho-physical mined from daily stress.

A week end, a day spent to the SPA in order to keep some moments of absolute relax and serenity. A longer period in order to dedicate themselves to the cure of the body and to enjoy the benefits effects that the thermal water and the sweet movement, can exercise on the articulations and the musculature.


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