price to night to person: from 25 Euro


Traversa Strigari - Pozzuoli (Na)


In the middle of the Flegrei Fields, lands of culture and history.
The central position allows you to reach the near archaeological sites easily.
Up to three minutes from the port, where you can embark for the Gulf Islands (Ischia, Capri and Procida), and up to two minutes from the "Metropolitana" and "Cumana" railway stations...continue



La Bengasiana        

via Miseno 9, Lucrino - Pozzuoli (Na)


You can find our B&B in the Campi Flegrei regional park, very close to the small volcano Monte Nuovo.
Our completely renovated house offers single and double rooms, which can be transformed into living rooms, with a separate entrance....continue







                                                                price to night to person: from 35 Euro

Il Nido della quaglia              

Via Cosenza, 14 - Pozzuoli (Na)


The B&B is located in the historical centre of Pozzuoli, a few minutes walk from the Rione Terra, the Serapide Temple and the Flavian Amphitheatre.
Ideal location, within walking distance of the ferry boat landings to the islands of the Gulf of Naples, the Metro del Mare to the Sorrento Amalfi Coast, and the public transports Cumana Line and Underground to Naples historical centre (reached in about 20 minutes).... continue










                                                                price to night to person: from 45 euro

Villa Giulia        

via Cuma Licola, 178 - Pozzuoli (Na)


This beautiful old farm house is only 15 minutes away from Naples and the seaside; situated in the country, overlooking the peninsula of Cuma and the island of Ischia, sits in the heart of the historical centre of Cuma, Pozzuoli, Campi Flegrei and Agnano ( famous for it's thermal cures ), which are areas of great archaeological interest rich of Roman and Greek ruins....continue





                                                                price to night to person: from 35 Euro

Flegrea House        

via Celle, 6 - Pozzuoli (Na)


The farm house "La Casa Rosa" is set among orange trees and Roman Ruins and amid a very quiet park and flourishing vegetation. It is a family farm house, recently refurbished (2006).
It is on three floors and has a commanding position over the nearby Roman Necropoli. It offers an enchanting view on Pozzuoli Gulf, Capo Miseno Light house and the islands of Procida & Ischia...continue







                                                                price to night to person: 32,5 Euro

Villa Ines                          

Via Claudio, 61 - Bacoli (Na)


Archeo bed & breakfast Villa Ines is the first Archeo-Bed&Breakfast of the Phlegrean Fields and is born from the idea that a receptive structure must also supply the elements necessary in order to know and living the archaeological beauties, naturalistic and recreational that the territory offers.... continue










                                                                price to night to person: from 30 Euro

Residenza le Rose       

Discesa Gaiola, 72 - Posillipo (Na)


The residence is located in one of the beautifulr, calm and panoramic zones of Naples: Posillipo, famous since the antiquity. The Greeks gave to the Pausyllipon name (the place to it where he vanishes the pain) and the Roman one currently constructed one of the beautifulst Imperial Marine Villas archaeological park to you...continue






                                                                    price to night to person: 27,50 Euro


Via G. Chiaro, 11 - Pozzuoli (Na)


B&B is situated in Via Giuseppe Chiaro, 11 near the Historical Center of Pozzuoli (Rione Terra), it is in easy walking distance, but there is bus or Cumana Railways "Gerolomini-Terme". The Historical Center of Naples and the Train station are easily reached by the Cumana Railway... continue