Thermae Stufe di Nerone


Applying modern technologies to the knowledge of ancient Romans, the Stufe di Nerone Baths (called Silviane in the II sec A.C. and famous for women fertility), has recreated today the philosophy of "wellness for pleasure".

Thanks to this philosophy, Baia and its baths has been able to outstand for many centuries.

The Stufe di Nerone Baths embraces the philosophy of "total wellness": thanks to the natural environment and the healing virtues of water, the baths give natural wellness to body and mind, as it used to be in Roman and Oriental tradition.



Characteristics of waters

Springing out at about 74°C, the hypertermal salse-bromine-iodine waters of the Stufe di Nerone Baths are not only tonic and antiphlogistic, but also therapeutic. Thanks to their healing proprieties, indeed, the mineral waters give relief to every kind of arthrosis, rheumatisms, illness to respiratory system, stomatitis, vaginitis, youth acne, and especially to the women sterility.




External area

The Stufe di Nerone is a thermal center between most modern, succeeding to respect and to value the ancient system originates them of the Silviane Thermae.

On that ancient system, in fact, today they rise the Thermae Stufe di Nerone. Many atmospheres have been leave therefore as they were and others have been added.

The area on which rises puts into effect it them structure, therefore, it is remarkablly more enriched width and than modern systems and services in order better to answer to the requirements of our days.

Outside two swimming pools, both fed from thermal water and dipped in the green. One of these studied purposely for the relax: here our hosts can find relax in absolute tranquillity.

The spaces greens are much wide that, also in the "moments of full load", every host savours its moments of relax in the maximum tranquillity.

  • Panorama esterno
  • Piscina esterna
  • Vasca naturale
  • Vasca naturale




Internal area

The natural heating (about 53°C) generates, on one hand, an abundant sweating that makes possible the hydric metabolism; on the other, a light vascular exercise that prevents the arteriosclerosis improving the working of circulatory system.

Inside the thermal swimming pool, natural sauna, well-being center, massages center , tepidarium, showers, the bar, aerosol center...

The Stufe di Nerone Baths, as it used to be for the ancient Romans, has not only a therapeutic aim but also a recreational one, inherited by the social importance that baths used to have in the past.

  • Vasca Termale
  • Massoterapia
  • Sauna Naturale