In the wellness center of thermae Stufe di Nerone it is possible to undertake different aesthetic and massotherapeutical treatments to visage and body.

The expert manual skill of our operators and the relaxing power of mineral waters double the beneficial effect of every treatment.
For this reason we suggest to undertake the massage after a stage of anthro-bathing therapy, that means with the body still hot and dry; after the massage the thermal therapy could keep on.



>> Partial Massage of 20 minutes

Total Massage of 40 minutes

>> Four hands' Massage of 40 minutes

>> Craniosacral therapy of 25 minutes

>> Plantar Reflexology of 25 minutes

>> Facial Massage of 20 minutes

>> Manual lymph drainage of 50 minutes

>> Lymphatic breast massage of 20 minutes

>> Lymphatic facial massage of 20 minutes

>> Postural Massage of 50 minutes

>> Shiatsu of 60 minutes

>> Reiki of 50 minutes



 Inhalation Cures

Inhalationand aerosol with thermal water are able to treat disease about the respiratory system and otolaryngology.


>> Inhalation + Aerosol - inhalation with thermal water


 Facial Treatments


>> Anti-aging with glucano beta
>> Anti-aging with mud


 Thermal Beauty-Treatments


>> Mud mask (face)

>> Face - Cleaning

>> Face - Cleaning after sauna

>> Manicure

>> Pedicure

>> Hair removal (wax)


 Body Treatments


>> Body Peeling with mud

>> Body Peeling with Jojoba

>> Toning Treatment (Mud + Massage + Bandaging)

>> Anticellulite Treatment (Mud + Massage)

>> Anticellulite Treatment (Salt Scrub + Massage)


 Gynaecological Treatments

At the "Stufe di Nerone", an ancient roman thermal bath dedicated to  Rea Silvia  goddess of the fecundity, we offer cycles of special gynaecological treatments.


>> Cure' s cycle: 12 irrigations

Notes: the cycle of cure is approached with medical visit before.